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RVs4Newbies.com - Our Blog (Feb. 28th, 2015)
"It all started with an really cool, 1950's style bubble juke box."
Interested in learning more?
It was honestly one of My most valued possessions.
Around that time, Ree and I started watching that show "Barter Kings" 
and it really got our minds going crazy! So, one night, Ree said 

"Hey, wouldn't it be cool to take that jukebox and turn it into an RV?" 

And the rest was history!

  When we sold the jukebox we used the money to buy a "new to us" 1995 Winnebago Adventurer. Funny thing is, it was sitting in our storage place, just parked there waiting for us all along. 

  A few years back, Ree and I moved my Mom and all the contents of her 13 room house down to Florida. We had to make SO many car trips while pulling a 16 ft. trailer filled with my Mom's stuff, We made over 7 trips from New England to Florida in a matter of a month (25,000 Miles - I Love Driving). However, It was complete Hell for Ree. She's not a happy car traveler. She has had MS for over 20 years and it wrecks havoc with her muscles and it was not healthy at all for her to be doing all those long car rides.

Oh, and we also brought our 2 dogs along for the ride. 

Trust me when I say, They loved it!  

It honestly was Ree's idea to get an RV and I was in total agreement.

  Our RV needed a lot of renovations, and I couldn't wait to get right to it. I love challenges and I love fixing almost anything. Ree was in charge of all the decorating, while I was in charge of everything else. Here are the many renovation pictures I snapped along the way. There are many before's and there will be so many after's as we continue on with our adventure as RV Newbies.

  Take a look around and know there will be so much more to come.