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A little bit about us -

    We have been together for ten years and have 2 perfect dogs that we adore- Izzy Bee is our Golden, and little Monty is our rescue Silky Terrier- they have no choice so they will be coming on our journeys! Our 2 grown sons have a choice and full lives, so they may or may not pop in from time to time.

     Don is a guy who wears many hats. He can fix anything! He was a Ford Trained Mechanic for 15 years and an electrician as well. He wears a plumber's hat and a carpenter's hat as well. Oh, and he can weld too. He can fix almost anything (just don't ask him to fix your computer).

     Ree is openly anti-nature! Her ideal yard would be a cement slab painted green. She will run from a bee (well, basically anything in the insect family). Her camera is always with her, being a freelance photographer. She loves yarn and will force her loved ones to wear her knit socks! The best thing about Ree is she is hysterical and she has absolutely no idea! 
Say hello to our little friend!
 (But we just call him Carlos)
Oh, the things he's seen!
Princess Isabella Puppichini
"Izzy Bee"
The Dark Lord - Monticello
"Monty" (AKA King Joffrey)